HPE ProLiant EC200a

Simple, scaleable managed hybrid IT server from only $372* a month.

A server for the cloud era, delivering all the IT you need in one simple, unique design. Delivered by HPE Partners as a managed service, customers benefit from a solution that is managed and updated via the cloud, delivering advanced capabilities without complexity, and all at an affordable monthly fee.

  • Enterprise-grade IT
    Combined with Zynstra's unique software, the EC200a delivers enterprise-grade functionality for SMB prices.
  • Hybrid IT: the best of both worlds
    Giving you secure cloud enablement on your own terms. You choose which data and applications you keep onsite and which you put in the cloud.
  •  IT-as-a-Service payment model
    The subscription model means you pay a predicatable monthly fee, giving you greater budget flexibility.
  • Simple deployment with unique form factor
    This is like no server before, it can even be mounted on a wall - reducing your hardware footprint and onsite IT complexity.
* Price is based on HPE ProLiant Easy Connect 3-year monthly contract

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