Build your business with HPE ProLiant Easy Connect

The HPE ProLiant EC200a transforms Partner business models by providing annual recurring revenues, high customer retention rates and the ability to wrap additional services around this unique platform.

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Drive predictable revenue and increased profitability with the new HPE Easy Connect Managed Hybrid Server - a server built for the cloud era. Developed for partners to deliver a simple Hybrid IT solution to small business, ROBO and education, it enables partners to scale without adding expensive technical and support resources, while costing less to deliver a superior service.
This short video details how the HPE ProLiant EC200a will help transform your business model by allowing you to deliver hardware, software and services in one simple solution. Your customers get cutting-edge technology and the cost to you is drastically less than implementing a DIY solution.

HPE are investing in

Drive predicatble revenue and
increased profitability.


Customers want the best of both worlds

Developed for partners to deliver a simple Hybrid IT solution to small business, ROBO and education.


Economics that make

Partners can scale without adding expensive technical support and resources.


Easy to specify and rapid
to deploy

It costs partners less to deliver a
superior service. 

Partner Case Study: CDW

CDW case study.jpgCDW is a leading multinational force in delivering technology solutions for business, government, education and healthcare. The company solves many complex IT problems, but increasingly its retail customers were coming to CDW with a perplexing challenge: how to run demanding IT in numerous stores that had no IT staff onsite.

"HPE ProLiant Easy Connect has prompted a noticeable difference in customer thinking. It’s opened their eyes to a new kind of IT and created opportunities for CDW with businesses that might not have even considered us before.”

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Soultion Brief: SMBs

Designed with the needs of SMBs in mind, this solution features simple deployment and ease of management.



Solution Brief: Education 

Educational establishments need to adopt new technologies that cater to the needs and expectations of students and faculty alike.



Datasheet: ProLiant EC200a

Full solution and technical specification of the HPE Easy Connect ProLiant EC200a Managed Hybrid Server.


How to package your Easy Connect service

Discover how to package the HPE Easy Connect Managed Hybrid Servers into your current service offering. 

Your customers win because they get the latest IT they need without large upfront CAPEX investment. You win because you have an easy-to-manage IT infrastructure and predictable revenue.

Find Out How 


Partner Case Study: Computeam