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new cstore small.pngWhite Paper: Convenience Store IT Market Insight 

Convenience stores (C-Stores) have become sophisticated retail outlets. They have transformed from “gas and snack” stops to delivering a complete, high quality, express retail experience. In order to meet todays’ customer expectations they need sophisticated, easy to use, information technology support. 


2017-01-31_1445wp3.pngWhite Paper: Branch IT as a Customer Experience Asset 

The strategic move towards an omni-channel customer experience takes different forms in different industries. What all industries do share in common, however, is that the modern day customer expects a seamless experience.


Retail branch it.jpgWhite Paper: Retail Branch IT as a Strategic Asset 

Today’s Omni-channel customers spend 3.5 times more than other shoppers. Those retailers that adapt to this trend are the ones that succeed.


White_Paper_Business_Leader.pngWhite Paper: How IT should be for business leaders 

Covering the known requirements of IT for your business and the most common challenges faced when implementing a secure and reliable IT function. This paper then details how IT really should be for businesses, and how to ensure you achieve this.




White Paper: How IT should be for IT Professionals 

Covering the known pressures and challenges faced by almost all IT Pros, this paper goes into the detail of how IT really should be, and how to get there.




Top 5 challenges for managing Multisite IT 

Managing IT across multiple offices and branches can be quite a challenge. The load on central IT systems can become overwhelming - not to mention the sleepless nights for the IT Pro. It doesn't have to be that way.



White_Paper_Top10.pngTop 10 things to consider when buying a new server

If you are looking to buy a replacement server or add an alternative server to your IT environment it can feel overwhelming. In an increasingly cloud-driven world, server upgrades are no longer straightforward. The options go on and on - this guide details the top considerations. 



White_Paper_Reduce_costs.pngTop 10 ways to reduce the cost and complexity of IT

Today’s IT professionals face the challenge of reducing the impact of IT budgets on the business while seamlessly delivering an IT environment that enables productivity, collaboration and mobility.




A new approach to the challenges of managing multisite IT

Today’s IT Pros face a number of key challenges when delivering IT across multiple remote offices and branches, but now there is a new approach that is rapidly being embraced. The new hybrid IT model provides a standardized technology platform across all remote sites and branches in order to overcome these key challenges