Transforming IT for retail branches and stores

Reduce cost and risk while providing a platform for innovation

In the highly competitive retail environment, margins are thin and many enterprises struggle to balance the need to invest in the enabling technologies of tomorrow, while keeping costs and risk under control.

ProLiant Easy Connect provides an innovative in-store IT platform to support the shopping experiences of tomorrow, whether that be omni-channel, IoT, Smart Shelf, analytics, or others. And because Easy Connect servers are designed to be rolled-out ‘cookie cutter style’ with simple provisioning, complete consistency and central management, shopping is less prone to interruption caused by downtime.  So costs are lower while customer experience and revenue is less at risk.

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Solve your retail store IT

You know the key challenges of delivering IT in a decentralized retail or grocery store environment:

  • Lack of consistency across sites and resulting support burden
  • Pressure to keep costs down across the board
  • Requirement to support the shopping experience of tomorrow
  • Risk to customer experience and revenue due to unplanned downtime of business critical applications or infrastructure
  • Lack of local IT skills

In short, you’re being asked to do more with less. The good news is that standardizing on ProLiant Easy Connect servers gives retail branches and stores a consistent IT experience across all store locations, resulting in lower costs to deploy, maintain, and manage.

White Paper: Retail Branch IT as a Strategic Asset

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Today’s Omni-channel customers spend 3.5 times more than other shoppers. Those retailers that adapt to this trend are the ones that are being successful.

This white paper is a must-read for any IT professionals responsible for managing IT within retail - whether that's on the high-street, online or within other multi-branch verticals.

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eGuide: Top 5 Challenges for Managing Multi Site IT


Managing IT across multiple offices and branches can be quite a challenge. The load on central IT systems can become overwhelming - not to mention the sleepless nights for the IT Pro. It doesn't have to be that way.

Download this eGuide to discover the top 5 challenges IT Pros are facing when managing IT across multiple sites.

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