Security & Compliance

The increased security challenge for branch and remote offices

Recent cyber-attacks have highlighted the increasing threat posed to organizations around the globe. These challenges are even greater for those responsible for branch and remote office networks. The branch is a hostile IT environment, and the distributed nature of branch IT presents the IT team with real and unique sets of challenges that are radically different to the datacentre. 

A new approach to branch office IT

Our unique intelligent infrastructure leverages the power of modern technologies to provide an end to end branch architecture where all sites benefit from virtualized, manageable resources, which are commissioned, controlled and kept up to date and secure by our powerful continuous intelligent automation solution.

The 4 challenges of branch IT security

Security is not just implementing state of the art security applications, but about implementing and maintaining a secure IT infrastructure across distributed branches. 

Security Infrastructure

Given the range and sophistication of recent cyber-attacks, defence in depth is required.  And this defence has to be increasingly sophisticated.  It requires an infrastructure with security built in.

Our end to end branch architecture provides virtualized on-site resources. We provide a complete controlled environment for the branch – one with security built in from the ground up. Every element has been carefully designed to maximize manageability and security.

Patching, keeping current and keeping compliant

One of the most important requirements for IT is to keep infrastructure current, apply security patches and install updates. And this is not as easy as it first sounds, especially when you have disparate virtualized and distributed systems, all running slightly different IT stacks.

We have designed a completely automated mechanism for keeping systems up to date on a massive scale.  Our intelligent automation platform either applies changes or reverts to the previous version reliably.  This creates a trusted keep current process that can be relied on time and again.

More than a firewall

We provide a hardened virtualized platform, with security built in to all aspects of the solution. This includes an integrated firewall, or the ability to operate behind a corporate firewall if required, active intrusion detection, single purpose VM’s to reduce attack vectors, and the ability to control access privileges and credentials for local and remote users.

Advanced automated backup

Given the proliferation of cyber-attacks, business continuity and disaster recovery plans are now forming part of protection strategies. This is particularly important to guard against ransomware attacks — attempts to extort money by encrypting data.

Regular updates and security software form the first line of defence against such attacks, but if a breach still occurs, the only solution is to restore from a backup or a snapshot.

We provide on-site and cloud backup, and a layered file system where hourly snapshots of data are retained for a minimum of 30 days. All data backed up to the cloud is encrypted at source on-premise, and remains encrypted in transit and in storage, so that organizations can quickly revert to a clean data set and get the business up and running. If we take this concept on board then we must also address the issues of recovering quickly from a breach.  Key to this is the efficient capture of current state.