Transforming IT for SMBs

No Hassle IT Solution for SMBs

Looking to simplify your IT infrastructure while reducing costs and ensuring your IT remains enterprise class?

You can now deliver a superior quality IT infrastructure for less. Designed for small businesses this unique hyperconverged platform removes the day to day time spent on infrastructure and maintenance.

Some of our customers are achieving up to 60% savings on the running cost of their IT infrastructure with the HPE ProLiant Easy Connect Managed Hybrid Server. 

It’s enterprise grade IT for the SMB at an affordable monthly cost.

We're offering a Free Trial of the ProLiant EC200a for a limited time only. Request your free trial today.

Solve your SMB IT Challenges

You know the key challenges of delivering IT in an SMB environment:

  • Too much physical infrastructure
  • Inconsistent systems
  • Poor service levels
  • Time and resource intensive management

Don’t let a traditional IT infrastructure hold your business back. Easy Connect Managed Hybrid Servers provide a turnkey hyperconverged solution that not only overcomes these key challenges, but delivers enterprise grade IT for small and medium businesses.

Video: ProLiant Easy Connect - A Quick Look 

Video: IDC Research - Overcoming IT Challenges